This just in from Government Camp, Oregon: Mt. Hood’s signature ski event, the West Coast Session, scheduled for Saturday, April 25 at Timberline Lodge, has been canceled following an awesomely destructive act of Nature on the mountain today, April 1.

Eyewitnesses described billowing clouds of ash and volcanic gasses as a river of steaming magma bubbled to the surface and coiled its way through the snowfields above Timberline Lodge.

Miraculously avoiding all other resort terrain and inhabited areas around the mountain, the spewing column of molten rock encountered only one man-made obstacle on its fiery journey down the slopes of Mt. Hood: the mind-bogglingly awesome terrain park that was to host the West Coast Session in only a few weeks’ time.

Presented by AMPLID / and hosted by Timberline and Windell’s Camp, the West Coast Session would have gathered 25 of the world’s best young park skiers for four days of increasingly stunning feats of jib audacity, all documented daily with characteristic gusto at and concluded by a Saturday park free-for-all open to the public. But all this, of course, will no longer happen.

“I watched all the rails, boxes, wallrides, bonks, hips and jumps just get swallowed up like nothing,” said one stunned eyewitness. “I really cringed when I saw the S-rail melt. I couldn’t wait to see Wallisch pretzel it!”

The following riders were on the invite list:

1) Tom Wallisch

2) Steve Stepp

3) Collin Collins

4) Alex Martini

5) Nick Martini

6) Matt Walker

7) Andrew Hathaway

8) Henrik Harlaut

9) McRae Williams

10) Ben Moxham

11) Tyler Barnes

12) Mike Hornbeck

13) Phil Casabon

14) LJ Strenio

15) John Kutcher

16) Liam Downey

17) Sean Jordan

18) Witt Foster

19) Tosh Peters

20) Max Peters

21) Tim Durtschi

22) Max Hill

23) Tim McChesney

24) Matt Margetts

25) Tyler Spence

The organizers apologize for the cancellation, and remind NS members to NOT put the West Coast Session on their schedules for April 25 at Timberline Lodge.