Words: Ethan Stone

Sunrise over historic Timberline Lodge.

Upon arrival at Timberline for the second day of shooting at the West Coast Session, the crew finds that they've been treated to an early May surprise: close to a foot of new snow to dabble in, alongside a perfect early-morning groom laid down in the park. After a bad-weather first day of shooting, everyone is ready to get their shred on.

The mountain makes a brief first appearance at this year's Session. photo: Drew Smalley

Skier: JP Solberg. photo: Roc Maloney

Riders dip into the trees to sample Timberline's rolling terrain dotted with playful wind drifts and gullies, and soon every natural transition in sight is getting tracked. Because of its relative flatness, not many people come to T-Line to ski pow. No problem here, just more fresh for the determined few.

Thankfully for our filmers, conditions are gradually improving and the sun even makes a few bold attempts to break up the cloud layer. Back in the park, skis are singing across rails, and the second jump in Paintbrush is hosting a serious throw-down.

A stacked drop-in ramp. photo: Smalley

Good work on the stencils Brandon! photo: Smalley

Sean Jordan.

Dylan Ferguson gets his "o" face on.

Collin Collins.

McRae Williams.

Max Peters, rodeo 5 shifty.

Witt Foster GTSing. Last six photos: Maloney

Nick Miles cork 7. sequence: Stone

Windells Academy kids Nick Goepper and Lyman Currier with tandem cork 7 blunts. photo: Smalley

After a gratifying jump session, word comes down the grapevine that Tim McChesney and Will Berman want to test the very gnarly-looking, as-of-yet unattempted box gap.

A crowd gathers at the feature and cameras are prepped - the pressure is on. In short time Will Berman is flying over the knuckle of the drop-in ramp, bouncing off the last four feet of the up box and coasting across the flat box on his side. Undeterred, he's back on his feet instantly and bombing down to the lift for another hit.

Berman challenges the beast.

While Berman, McChesney and young gun Nick Goepper put in a few more hits on the box gap, an impromptu hesh session gets underway on a tree tap next to the feature.

Adam Battersby. photo: Maloney

In short order Berman nabs the shot of the day as the rest of us watch in disbelief.

sequence: Maloney

This is me getting the shot of Hennie VJ getting the shot of Roc Maloney checking the shot.

The box gap and tree tap session close out the day on the hill, and it's time to return to Windell's for more tramp sessions in BOB and lines in the new skatepark

Steve Stepp.


Two days down, two more to go at West Coast Session 4...

WCS4 Day 2 edit by Hennie VJ