Words: Ethan Stone

Riders arrive at Timberline on Friday morning to a beautiful sight: for the first time during WCS4 brilliant sunlight is spilling across the snowy flanks of Mt. Hood. Riders and filmers waste no time getting busy in Timberline's Paintbrush park.

Put in your mouthguard, it's go time!

Drew Stewart, bio 7 reverse mute. photo: Stone

ON3P's David Steele. photo: Stone

Kyler Cooley. photo: Stone

Today's weather is just what we've been waiting for to unveil the "big jump" this year. In years past the WCS jump has been built off of the Stormin' Norman park lift on the lower mountain, but this go-around we've opted to use the enormous mound of snow being pushed for the big summertime jump in the Windells Camp lane, high on the mountainside.

It's a welcome change of scenery, and as the towering lip of the jump comes into view from the chairlift, everyone realizes instantly that an epic session is in the works.

The crew gets ready to head up to the jump. photo: Drew Smalley

Erik Olsen. photo: Stone

Garrett Rowley. photo: Stone

We've gotten lucky with the beautiful weather and that Palmer lift is running, and the stoke about the feature is unanimous - this jump is SICK! After preliminary airs, the comments start flowing in: "best jump I've hit this year" and "the only thing better than this jump would be three of it in a row." In short order the crew is unpacking their best tricks as the shutters whir into action.

Steve Stepp. photo: Smalley

Ben Moxham. photo: Smalley

McRae Williams switch 9 blunt. sequence: Stone

Sean Jordan, switch 10 mute. sequence: Stone

An awesome day inevitably comes to an end, but with the forecast promising more good weather on the horizon, the excitement about the final day of shooting at the fourth West Coast Session is unbelievable. Day four coverage and a spicy wrap-up article are on their way...

WCS4 Day Three video by Hennie VJ