But there sure is a long way to go. The intern crew has been helping get it dialed with Malcolm coming out as the overall Rockstar of the weekend and walking away with two brand new pairs of skis. Thanks buddy!Also our one and only MacMahooon and the lovely Chlo who absolutely slayed it on floor duty. I owe you guys!! LBST FTW.Special mention to the moving crew yesterdy consisting of Mat, Derek, and the illustrious Malcolm. We did floor today and sadly... Way easier. ;)Check out a few shots...

Joey "the beeg" DV standing where the wall used to be. Also showing off the brand new "wood" floor and our Ming dynasty white paint.
The massive pile of crap from the move... Coming to work tomorrow is going to be fun.
This might be cleaner than the last kitchen. Though it was more of an area than a kitchen.
I learned how to paint this weekend!
And big Jim giving the seal of approval. He's above and beyond gone past the call of duty to make this upgrade happen. Moving all weekend, store in boxes, and still will have your orders shipped out lickety-split this week.Come by sometime and check out the new digs. Members are always welcome.Update your address book, were at:3713 Boul. St-LaurentSuite 301Montreal, Qc-- Posted from somewhere