Cover: Kristofer Olsson

It's that time of year again! Kim Boberg's brainchild, KimboSessions, is poised to melt your face off for the next week. Twig is on a train to Klappen right now and will be providing updates throughout the week while he's there. It all kicks off on Sunday, May 5th, so keep your eyes peeled on Newschoolers and on Instagram (#kimbosessions and @kimbosessions) for the plethora of bangers that are sure to come from this phenomenal cast of riders:

Henrik Harlaut, Tanner Hall, Phil Casabon, Alex Hackel, Benjamin Carlund, Alex Ferreira, Quinn Wolferman, Colby Stevenson, Chris Logan, Emil Granbom, Hugo Burvall, Oliver Karlberg, Anton Linden, Vilmer Ivarsson, Joel Magnusson, Magnus Graner,, Peyben Hägglund, Lucas Stål Madsion, Johan Lilja, Oscar Wester, Lauri Kiviari, Antti Ollila, Eirik Moberg, Alex Hall, James Woods, Freddie Grann, Magnus Skotte Nörsteng, Kim Boberg, Taylor Brooke Lundquist, Vincent Gagnier, Hunter Hess, Öystein Bråten, Johan Berg, Ferdinand Dahl, Maximilliam Smith, Noah Albaladejo, Yohei Maruyama, Jake Mageau, Forster Meeks, Abner Wyman, Taiyo Kawai, Colline Ballet-Baz, Rosina Friedel, Bobby Brown, Joss Christensen, Charlie Lasser, and a few surprise guests I'm sure.

While you wait for the latest clips and edits to drop, get hyped with this masterpiece by Ante Olofsson that looks at how Kimbosessions began and how it got to where it is now plus these tasty offerings from Freange.mkv.

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