Welcome to Dale Talkington the new COREUPT rider

Age : 18

Hometown : Salt Lake City

Favorite ski resort : Park City Resort

Sponsors :






Biggest achievements : Filming with 4bi9


It seems like the 2009/10 season was your big breakout year. What were some of the highlights that stand out in your mind from last season?

Well my season started out slow, the day before the dew tour qualifier I broke my left collarbone. After that I knew that I was not going to be able to compete in most of the comps that I planed on. Four weeks later after my collarbone was all healed up I turned my focus to filming. In the end it ended up being one of the most productive ski season that I have had yet. Just really worked on learning new tricks, and getting everything the way I wanted it to look. Then dropped two different edits of myself on Newschoolers that came out to be a big hit on the internet.

Your skiing has been described as “aggressive but still buttery smooth”. Is there anybody out there that influenced your style?

Yeah people like Liam Downey, Tanner Hall, and Tom Wallisch really influenced my style.

What is a perfect day of skiing for Dale Talkington?

A perfect day skiing for me would be just lapping the best park with all my good homies having a great time.

What can the world expect to see from Dale Talkington in the 2010/11 season?

This year I will not be enrolled in school during the winter, I am planning to do a lot of competing and filming all over the world this year… Hopefully qualifying for the winter Dew Tour… Filming with 4bi9…Stoked to be part of the COREUPT team!

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