Ever since I moved down to Utah Wiley has been speaking of the legendary tube shoot. Sounds dangerous, looks dangerous but turns out it’s super fun. The way it goes down is there is a drain pipe that flows under 215 (fresh water from the mountains of course) and has the perfect pitch to be sent via water craft. You dam up the water at the top high enough that when released it rushes you down and there is a nice deep pool of water awaiting you at the bottom. We happened to be shooting with the newest model of the blue tarp compliments of Wiley’s garage, it was choice. No video was captured but the pictures give you just enough of an idea of the fun to be had.

Walking to the tube, highway all around.
Wiley looking into the tube.
These dudes were tube shooting pros, they damed up the water every time. Notice how much higher the water is in this picture than the previous.
Some young bucks on the sports car of tube sending, the “River Rat”
It’s a long way to the end of the tube. Fun had by all.


The next day it was off to echo lake.


Marty being the tech savvy individual he is managed to GTS one of my jumps from the echo cliffs with his shinny new iphone. It was a first timers weekend with never having shot the tube or hit the echo cliffs. Thanks Wiley for being the tour guide this weekend, it was a sender Tone!