Its hard to believe that this is already the third week of camp. We have so many new campers come in and try the water ramps and all have said positive things about our M-Snow material. The material is made with small patches of circular plastic spikes that lets the riders glide and turn easier then before. With this the campers this week have been tearing up the water ramps, throwing anything from misty 5's to front flips. We had a good amount of skiers and snowboarders this week and you can see them progressing. The campers start the day off by stretching, followed by a long trampoline session to get them warmed up. After the trampoline the campers head straight out to the water ramps and start to throw down. Below are just some of the pictures that highlight this weeks sessions. Follow the link below to see week ones highlighted skier, and keep posted for the trampoline edit!

(Evan Deller hits the water ramp huge with a front flip.)
(Cody Gushlaw with a tweaked out rodeo 5)
(Cody practicing grabs on the trampoline)
(Campers warming up for a water ramp session.)
(Evan and Cody setting up to hit the water ramps)