Thousands of college aged kids from western states like Colorado, have begun loading up their cars and heading east. Their destination? Massachusetts.

Fed up with school, their parents, and life in general, these kids are heading east at alarming rates. Who can blame them? With some of the best skiing in the country and the newly legalized marijuana, Massachusetts may be force to be reckoned with.

"In the hours since our state legalized marijuana, we've sold hundreds of season passes." said Wachusett GM Tammy Hall. "It really has been amazing. Our phone lines have been ringing non stop. Some people who anticipated the vote, left early and have already begun to arrive at the resort!"

Boasting 25 trails and nearly 1,000 vertical feet, it's no surprise why Wachusett is seeing such a frenzy.

In preparation for the coming winter, park fabricators worked at a feverish pace to build the worlds first Mountain Installed Dispensary Station or M.I.D.S. The dispensary will be towed into place as a center piece in the park once the season is under way. Not only is this cabin a badass looking feature, but Hall expects the sales to explode like dynamite once the park is fully open. "Our goal is to eventually make enough off of cannabis, that we can stop worrying about the whole skiing thing, and kind of let the resort side of things run itself".

In hopes of attracting more of these new customers, Wachusett announced that it will be changing it's motto from "Fun For Your Family" to the much more hip "Park, Pow, and Pot" for the upcoming season.

Some residents are not so excited. They fear the cost of housing will rise in the MA ski towns. As the long line of subarus wove through the streets in town, several locals gathered along the sidewalk with signs such as a massive "GO BACK TO COLORADO!" wavering in the cool evening breeze.

In parts of Colorado, once thriving areas like Lakewood are nothing but abandoned streets.

We were lucky enough to interview one of the recent transplants. Shorty Fiforty packed up his car and drove East from Colorado with his last $350. He said he had no plans of where he might stay but yelled, "Yo this shitttt is DOPEEEE!!!!" as he smoked a marijuana cigar he purchased in the mountain parking lot.

It's hard to say what the future holds for Massachusetts, but at least for now things are looking bright.