A few months ago, Eric Woodruff let me know he was getting married and talked with me about shooting photos for his wedding.  I was pretty excited to do so, I used to work with Eric back in the day when I was at The Canyons Resort as the photo/web/video guy there for a few years.  He’s one of the nicest guy’s I know so I knew it would be fun, getting to meet, shoot, and party with a bunch of good new people.  Just like the last wedding I shot, everyone danced a lot and late into the night, including the parents.  Another thing I was pretty stoked about was that Eric and Kary wanted more candid photos, instead of setup portraits.  These are usually a lot more fun, especially with a fun crowd that we had there and working when it’s fun is always a bonus!

Things had come a long way up at Red Pine Lodge at mid-mountain where weddings are usually held and the setting looked really great for Eric and Kary’s big day.   Being up in the mountains for a wedding in the Summer heat of Utah was also especially nice with the scenery as well as the escape from the Salt Lake City valley heat!