By now I'm sure we all know and are extremely excited about Spike Jonze's x Maurice Sendak's upcoming release, Where the Wild Things Are. I honestly can't wait. That book was probably a large influence on me as a kid, inspiring many a "wild rumpus" through the forests outside my back door.I've been trying to keep up to date on the happenings of the movie, which eventually led me to another Jonze project, We Love You So. I'll let the description on the site tell the story..."In October 2009 Spike Jonze’s feature film rendition of Maurice Sendak’s classic story Where The Wild Things Are will hit movie theaters worldwide. The film represents years of work from hundreds of different artists, writers, photographers, musicians, actors, and creators of all degrees. This place has been established to help shed some light on many of the small influences that have converged to make this massive project a reality. Simply put, this a place to learn about things we think are great and to share with you the things those things helped make. Wild Things indeed… And also probably a lot of other randoms things that catch our eye along the way."So I wanted to regurgitate that to my readers. Its a rad and interesting site. Thought you might like to keep up to date, as I have been. Here's a video from one of their more recent posts as well as a great childhood picture of me and my brothers.We Love You So. Enjoy.Chlorophyll Skin from Lucy McRae on Vimeo.