Well after a few month long hiatus due to some problems, we are back!

It’s been a tough few months around the office..(err room). From dealing with hosting problems and an extreme amount of website problems, we are here to stay. I can honestly say that I am pretty satisfied with the site now. I’ve made a few small but important changes that I feel will ultimately make this site better than ever. I’ve learned a lot since I started this site and I think the more I work on it the more I can focus on truly creating a site for the Utah homies. From day 1 I wanted this site to promote the artists, events, and businesses that don’t get nearly enough credit. I really tried to diversify the artists I featured for a few reasons. The first was to give these amazing artists some coverage. I find that it’s far too often that amazing people doing amazing things get looked past. I really wanted to showcase what these people had to offer and hopefully bring more attention to themselves and their artwork. The second reason why I tried to bring in a broad range of people was to show you guys how many different “arts” there are out in this amazing state. To me, “Art” is doing something you love and expressing yourself through it. It doesn’t matter if you’re a painter, photographer, skateboarder, dancer, makeup stylist, etc. If you are expressing yourself through something I consider that art. The last reason was to ultimately bring artists together. I think there is an outstanding (large) group of people who appreciate art. I wanted to bring coverage to certain people who may get inspired by a piece of work or find inspiration within a artist interview. I really want this amazing culture to grow and by promoting the positive artwork and people the more it can grow.

So there is a bit of an inside look onto why myself (Tim Dreckman) has continued with this site. Through the problems I’ve learned a lot and hopefully I can make those so called mistakes into positive learning experiences thus creating a bigger and better site. So if you enjoy reading the stuff I put up or just for entertainment please help promote this site so we can expand and bring you guys more and more sweet shit.

Thank you guys and much love,

Tim Dreckman