Today we got up at 6.45 AM. That was a problem for me since im used to...... Well, let's just say that after my neck injury I gotten used to sleeping in. We ate some breakfast and then got in the car, drove to the water ramp set up. The boys and here is really stoked, it did'nt take them longer than 10 minutes after we got here untill I heard the first splash, then followed with a weird sound that reminded me of a wounded animal. I turned around and saw a guy lying flat on his back trying desperately to get some air down his lungs. I've had the Wind knocked out of me a couple of times so I know that it is really uncomfortable but usually pretty harmless. Sooo, I laughed my ass off;) I know it's not a nice thing to do but that's what you get when you try a rodeo 7 on your first ever water ramp jump, when we pointed out a million times before that it's very different than riding on snow so you should just take it easy and get used to it before you go crazy!!-- Post From My iPhone