Words by @MarkusEder . Photos by @stefan_mahl .

Pretty much all of us had missed the best time to shred of the season. Sunny laps, warm temps, slush every day, BBQs, beers... all only wet dreams for Italy's park rats when the ski-resorts shut down in early March because of COVID 19.

So what was the first thing for them to do once the lockdown finally eased? Go find some snow and see what was still possible of course. That’s what Markus Eder and Jonas Vieider did and it didn’t take long for the idea of the SuperSpringSesh20 to become a reality. They pushed a bunch of leftover snow from the regular slopes at Klausberg into the park, roughly shaped some of the park's features, and then invited a bunch of friends and shredders from the surrounding area to really bring the park alive.

At the beginning, it was just a few piles of snow and didn’t really look like much, but day by day the park got sicker. Pretty much everything was hand-shaped, including the landings. The look of the park was secondary, in fact, the rougher the better, but it needed to be as fun to ride as possible!

It certainly didn't seem like it had been 3 months since everyone's last ski day. The rails, the hip, and the booter got slain pretty quick. Ralph Welponer (aka EasyTiger) brought the heat and showed what was possible, especially on the big booter and it didn’t take long for everyone to feel start to feel comfortable on the skis again. Markus, Luki Schäfer, Christof Schenk, Niklas Obe, and everyone else killed it too and so did the media crew!

Jonas Vieider (Watchsome Production) assembled his homies, Lukas Kustatscher (Film), Alex Meliss (FPV), and Stefan Mahlkencht (Photo) to make for an all-star production crew! The result was this edit that you definitely need to watch for yourself!


Edit by Jonas Vieider of Watchsome Productions

Rider list:

Ralph Welponer

Christoph Schenk

Lukas Schäfer

Tibias Sieder

Fabian Hofer

Niklas Oberrauch

Moritz Happacher

Martin Zimmerhofer

Maximilian Pupp

Andreas Reichegger

Michael Forer

Simon Gruber

Simon Leitner

Klaus Vieider