Are you drowning in a sea of free ski content? Same. Use this guide to help ease this overwhelming conundrum of free ski movies we have been blessed with this year. It aims to help the selection process of which ones to watch, and to make sure none have been missed during this overload.


Watch if: You want to see one of the best all-around ski films this year.

Roasted is the film we didn't realize we were missing. Stacked crew of skiers? Check. Urban segments? Check. Backcountry booters, funky hip features and tricking off cliffs? Check, check, and check again. With a killer soundtrack and upbeat vibes, this film will get you hyped up for the upcoming winter.

Tanner Hall/Armada - Triumph

Watch if: You want a SKI BOSS update.

Tanner Hall is a living legend and this film proves he is able to progress his skiing even at 34. The film's narrative switches between throwback clips of Tanner from the early 2000s to clips from last winter at Tahoe. He might be getting older, but he can still stomp dubs off massive cliffs and land death-defying urban flips. Triumph also shows how Tanner faced his own personal demons through redemption at Chad's Gap in order to get ready for this season's comeback.

The Big Picture - Lite Years

Watch if: You want to see skiing made great again.

The Big Picture has blessed the ski community by offering their final film, Lite Years, free to watch. For an in-depth review head over to this article. However, for a quick summary of what to expect here are some keywords: powder, pillows, steeps, spines, tricks, flips, sleds - sick.

Sammy Carlson - Twentyfour

Watch if: You dream about powder days.

This is the perfect film for those who want to watch one of the best BC skiers of all time rip the shit out of dream lines. Twentyfour features clip after clip of Sammy Carlson and a stacked crew of friends stomping tricks in the backcountry of British Columbia in perfect powder conditions. Keep doin' you, Sammy.

Emile Bergeron - Come Around

Watch if: You want to see one of skiing's underrated talents rip it all.

Emile Bergeron has never quite broken into the mainstream consciousness of skiing, despite appearing at some of the best events and in some of the greatest movies of the past few years. This project is yet another reminder of just how good he is. It starts with clips of Emile and friends landing stylish dub after dub in the park, moves to killer clips from one of his first backcountry ventures and then finishes with a banging urban segment. Who else have you seen throwing dub sevens in both the street and the backcountry?

Whistler Blackcomb - Magnetic

Watch if: You want to gawk at Whistler Blackcomb.

Magnetic is such an epic film, I nearly forgot that Whistler Blackcomb was recently bought out by Vail. It features an entertaining narrative with high-quality shots of both gnarly in-bounds terrain and sick park features. Legends such as Eric Hjorleifson, Ian Morrison and Stan Rey are shown ripping big mountain territory alongside up-and-comers Teal Harle, Dean Bercovitch and Matt Wilcox, who are filmed attacking the park features with gusto. Good on Whistler for even including gaper day.

Hood Crew - The Pray for Snow Radio Show

Ver si: ¡Tu quieres una gran fiesta!

¿Estás aburrido de los competiciones sosos y las películas típicas? ¿Sí? Yo también. El Hood Crew ha creado un film que tiene mucho divertido y creativo. En serio, esto es diferente. Es obvio que los esquiadores se divirtieron mientras filmando durante los días cálidos de parque y los días frios fuera de pista. Después yo vi este película, quiero esquiar ahora.

Digital Style - Japan

Watch if: You like Japow and funky 90s music.

Mitchell Brower, Nicky Keefer, Jonah Williams, and Lucas Wachs are featured in this goofy and entertaining segment of their Japan trip last winter. Digital Style is adorable, as far as ski films go. But don't be fooled by the editing - the segment still features banger shots of epic powder turns and stylish switch landings in neck-deep pow. Read more about the trip here.

Chris Benchetler - Chasing AdVanture

Watch if: You like narrated adventures, flawlessly beautiful skiing... or vans

Chris Benchetler is a low-key legend. He's been making skiing look impossibly good with the Nimbus crew for a decade and now, backed by GoPro, he's doing his own thing. Last winter, he built a van and met up with fellow legends of the ski, surf, snowboard and climbing world for a season mere mortals can only imagine. The star studded list of guests includes Eric Pollard, Sage, Sean Pettit, Travis Rice, Emily Harrington and many more. Chris is an annoyingly talented individual at all of the aforementioned sports, so take a look to see what your dreams would look like made real.

Birds Brigade

Watch if: You like weirdness and need a break from pure ski films.

Birds Brigade features more than skiing - a large portion of the film is also dedicated to snowboarding, skating and local camaraderie. It's a fun, clever movie that gives a much-needed break to the viewer who has watched only ski films for the past month. The stop-motion ski segment is without question, one of the most unique ski scenes of this year and the whole thing is a creative masterpiece. Local garage punk is also heavily featured, be warned.