I am extremely confident in saying the vast majority of French skiers are fucking crazy. Candide, his buddy Aziz Benkrich, that crazy dude who was speedflying and grinding a lift, these guys below, *insert other crazy skiers from France that I missed*. Anyways, these crazy speedflyers were mobbing around La Clusaz doing their usual thing when all of a sudden this "dude" casually sends this massive 3 over the top of them. Naturally they begin to freak out and scream loudly in French at each other (not like the French coaches at X-Games though). Upon further review of their footage when they get back home, they come to a very logical conclusion on who that "dude" may have been; the one and only Candide Thovex.


With OOTD 3 coming out in the extremely near future, I guess we will just have to wait and see if that really was Candide or perhaps it was just another one of those absurd French skiers.

The hype is real...