Puch ripped his pantsWords by Sammy Carlson Pictures by Jenny Naftulin What’s up girls and boys of the newschoolers.com community? Well while all you guys were on your computers, you guys were missing out on the most fun movie premiere ever. Since you weren’t there I will fill you guys in on how the event was. The War premeire was in Spokane, Washington (spocompton). My Lovely team manager (Jenny) from Salomon and I drove up to spocompton left early morning and arrived at about 3:00 at the Sports Creel, which is a really sick shop and we met with some kids there and signed a few posters. Most of you guys are probably not aware of this, but tonight is a big night… a huge night! The reason is because the Salomon intercontinental bowling heavy weight championship is on the line. I will be defending my title against None other then Mr. big bad Joel Hammond. We went to the hotel had a quick little swim before the show. Joel and I exchanged a little bit of trash talk and the tensions were starting to rise between us for the intense match later tonight. At Roughly 6:00 Zach D.(puch) and I headed over to the players and spectators club and met the other players Anothony B. (Tony) and Andy Mahre for some poster signings. I continued to pimp my game as I ran into big bad Joel when he said "you bitch, you don’t got shit on me!" I just took it in and let it build up for later on like a real man would and walked away with my fist raised cause I could already taste victory. Swag was tossed out to all the spectators and now it was time for the show. Up in the V.I.P room things were starting to get a little crazy, and that mother fucker Joel kept running his mouth… "Sammy I’m going to love beating a 16 year old… I’m going to mop the lane with your ass." Meanwhile the movie was playing and puch , Tony, Jenny, and I tried to get the crowd which was huge a little more rowdy from the up above. "Shit man lets throw some shrimp at ‘em!" Jenny says. However, me being the mature 16 year old I am, I convinced her other wise. As the movie went on the crowd got a little bit louder but I still was not impressed. On the other hand I was impressed with the Mom's of Spocompton; they were gorgeous! I got a few pictures with them for you guys so dont worry you can see ‘em! After all, who doesn’t like a hot mom? When the movie was over Puch had some swag to toss out to the crowd you know water bottles and DVDs. So he starts walking around and you know what happens… every one from all over the place "OMG Zach over here!" so for his first throw he tosses a water bottle about 15ft and lands right in front of some old man in his salsa bowl and splashes it all over the front of his shirt. Zach’s response laughing "oh shit dude, Im sorry!" and kept walking. Now the swag is all gone, the movie has played and homeboys got salsa all over his shirt. The V.I.P room is getting crazier and crazier every minute at this point every one knows about the Title match tonight and tensions are at the apex. About 15 minutes before the match Joel walks behind me and takes a cheap shot at me kicks me in the back of the knee. It didn't phase me, I simply turned around brushed my should off and said "oh man its on" The crew continued to hang out up stairs for another half hour or so. My anticipation was getting so great I couldn’t sit still any more. I started gathering the crew to head towards the lanes for the main event. On the way over there the mom’s of Spocomton grabbed my attention once again so I decided to mingle with them for a little while. It took every one about a half hour to finally get ourselves gathered and get about 100 ft from the VIP room to the bowling lanes. Now were finally all over there and its’ on. We decided we would all bowl first and save the main event for last. Me and Tony were crushing it with some double bowls while Puch on the other hand was struggling terribly to just hit one pin, in this proces he ripped his pants down the leg it was humorous. The employees of the lanes were starting to lose their patience with our antics about 5 minutes after we started but home boy calmed them down and it was all good. After bowling for what seemed like hours it started getting crazy. No one knew whose turn it was, they were just rolling and having fun. Puch is starting to figure it out a little bit by now, "My fingers hurt so much but I cant stop its to much fun!" says Puch as he grabs another ball. I was flossing as usual. Joel saw this from his lane and he started sweatin’… “Dunn dunn dunn.Dunn dunn dunnnnnnnnn!” It is time for the main event! The moment every one has been waiting for… The Salomon intercontinental heavy weight bowling championship is on the line! I am defending my title from my challenger Joel. We clear the score board, Joel wins the coin toss and he elected to go first. Zach continues to bowl his life away still struggling and that hole in his pants is quite big now half way down his leg. He looked like a clown but Puch didn’t care he was just bowlin’. Now the 21 and older folk want to go kareoke and my fellow young blood Puch and I decided to get some pizza and go swimming it hit the spot perfect after the fun night. To be quite honest with every one, we didn’t quite finish the big match so we have to make it up this Thursday night in Portland. I will let you guys all know how it goes but pretty much count on it that I’m going to win. Be ready for next weekends premiere in Seattle, any one who lives near there should definitey come. Its going to be sick dress up too it’s Halloween! laterrrr Sammy C (NS) Here's a bunch of pictures from the evening...

Sammy C rolling rocks.  The dude would be proud.
What, what?
Zach D middlie, Big Tony on the right.
Zach showing he knows how to make funny faces.  
Zach, Sammy, Tony riding Dino.   The flinstones would be proud. 
I like it when pro skiers hug.   Makes me feel warm inside. 
Just two guys holding two pink balls. 
The infamous "hole in the pants"
The boys with the ladies.
The poster signing.   I wonder if they got to sign any chests?
There has to be at least ONE NS member in this shot...
Josh Loubeck always gets near the ladies.
Pretend like this comment was funny.
Looks like Sammy got to sign some skin...
Sammy "the cougar hunter" Carlson
I think they should put boxes at bowling lanes.   Then you could 270-on to spin slide to throw a strike.  That would be sick.
Sammy keeping the score honest.   Or slipping the scorekeeper a $20.