The Suzuki Nine Knights 'Wanna Be A Knight' online video competition received over 35 awesome submissions, from complete unknowns to well-known pros. Everyone wanted a chance to hit the awesome 'Il Castello', but only three guys could receive the honour of being knighted.

Construction on 'Il Castello' is well underway!

Every video submission was watched multiple times and evaluated by an elite team of previous Knights. It was an incredibly difficult choice to make as everyone submitted some pretty banger edits. So let's not beat around the bush any further, as the three qualified Knights who will have the chance to conquer the beautifully shaped 'Il Castello' in 2012 are:

Alekander Aurdal

The Norwegian blew everyone away with his massive airs and multiple doubles. On the one hand, his skills on big jumps are just incredible, while on the other hand we think he is one of Europe's most underrated riders! It was easy to choose Aleksander as his switch double cork 12 and switch double misty 12 were absolutely flawless. It will be interesting to see what he has to show us on 'Il Castello'.

Østein Braaten

The 16-year-old wonder kid from Norway recently won the bronze medal at the Austrian Freeski Open. His video submission impressed everyone because of his textbook tricks and smooth style. And although the Suzuki Nine Knights is not a rail event, his flip on blind two off of the pipe was absolutely mind blowing.

Roy Kittler

After many attempts at the video qualifier, the 22-year-old from Dresden, Germany has finally made the cut. His unique style and dope bio 12's will be an incredible addition to the crew in Livigno. Why did we chose Roy? Because his edit was very very different to many of the other ones, and he seems to spin to the right just as perfect as to the left!

To amp up the Big Air competition portion of the event held on Saturday, April 14th, Suzuki Nine Knights has decided to invite 11 more rippers from the online qualification for the AFP Gold-level Big Air event. Additional Invitees for the Big Air competition are...

Additionally Invited Big Air Athletes

Ryan Wyble

Robby Franco

Jonas Hunziker

Klaus Finne

Christian Bieri

Nico Vugnier

Jesper Tjaeder

Oscar Scherlin

Toni Höllwart

Lukas Schäfer

Christoph Schenk

Davide Bonneville

Here's a look at the construction of 'Il Castello'.

Colby James West getting ready for Nine Knights.

A big congratulations on the soon-to-be knighted winners of the Suzuki Nine Knights 'Wanna Be A Knight' video contest. It’s going to be an awesome contest in Livignio, Italy between April 9th - 14th, so stay tuned to for more info and updates.