Soooo, been a while! Let's just call it a summer vacation and skip the excuses;p

After a beautiful flight in to Queenstown and a 45 minute drive I found myself in Wanaka! Been her for 2 days and I have cabin fever allready! The weather hasen't been that great so me and my roomate, Mr Colby J West have spent many hours infront of our computers!
Computer time, and not to happy about it.
We flew over Cardrona on our way in, you can see the resort on the top left side! Looks like they had a pretty nice day.
We picked up Drew ''fatman'' lederer today, he will be our filmer for the next couple of weeks! So hopefully if the weather get's better we can spit out some edits!
Allthough the weather sucks it seems like we game at the right time!PK