I want the snow, now!

I want the snow here at home now. It is already snow up in the mountains. But its only a few ski resorts that is open. Trysil will open next weekend, and I am looking forward to that! I hope that my local ski resort is up and running in the middle of Decembre.

Last season(08/09)

Last season was great! Before the last season my best trick was 180(hah), and now my best trick is 540! I had 30 days with sking last season,and I learned a lot of new tricks. I learned 360, 540, 180 with grabs and more. I also had a PVC rail in my garden, that was awesome! I railed almoust everyday and just keept getting better and better. At the end of the season my best rail trick was 270 off and switchup(sexchange).

This season(09/10)

This season I'll try to get even better. I will buy a season ticket in the locan ski resort as last season, but I'll try to ski even more. This season I'll hope that I will learn more tricks. I think I will use the PVC - rail as much as last season.  Here is a list of things I hope to learn this season:

Rotations: 180 - R, L and switch. 360 - R, L, maybe switch. 720 - fall on 630 last season, that was close! 180 - with different grabs(safety,critical,japan) 360 - with different grabs(tail(?), japan, safety, critical)

Rail: I hope that I manage to get pretzel on box, and get the 270 off every time.

Here is an pic from an epic day in Hafjell last season: