Bozeman is a ski town situated in Southwest Montana. It’s rather remote and isn't a typical vacation spot, but people flock here for a reason. The skiing. We have snow, ski movies, and the kids are on the hills before they’re running. On Tuesday September 30th, Inspired Media brought the films “Keynote Skier” and “Road to Zion” to Montana State University thanks to our Backcountry Club. It's officially premiere season, leaving only mere months until the highly anticipated opening day.

Phil Casabon and Henrik Harlaut have both made banger films. The first film, “Keynote Skier” is about Phil’s season. He self produced, directed, and edited the film, which really allowed us to see into his mind. Phil was the main skier, but his friends are spotlighted as well. It’s full of killer urban segments, and the crowd was left in awe after each part. His film was named after and set to part of said album, if you get the chance to watch it you’re not gonna be disappointed. Next up was “Road to Zion.” This film follows his competitions and then post comp seasons. We got to see the Olympics from his part of view, and the top og his X Games run. Henrik made a point to have his friends close out his film, with a tribute to Warnick at the end. Overall, they’re both fun, dynamic films.

One thing that made the Bozeman stop special was the addition of Tanner Hall’s Poor Boys Production segment. He was stoked to show us what he had done this season, and to be back in his home state. But before his film was shown, we took a moment of silence for Andreas Fransson and J.P. Auclair. Tanner gave true words to the crowd, “It’s only skiing in the end of the day. It isn’t for the sponsors, for the money. It’s for the stoke and the love of the sport.” He spoke of the mountains and how they were lucky to live the lives they did. I have friends that often joke about the Inspire name, but today I learned what it really means. We’re all thankful for what these two men did for the sport, and how they continue to inspire us to do more. Skiing is a close sport, and it’s time like these (and even ski films) that remix us how much the community cares for one another.

There was a swag toss, and a cat trip give away before we saw Tanner’s film. The somber mood of Tanner's speech, and realization of our loss was quickly lightened. It wasn’t announced to the crowd that we would be shown this at the start, so needless to say the stoke was pretty high. I saw the PBP film at iF3, and Tanner's part was one of my favorite solos segments. Ski Boss has been busy in the backcountry, incase you haven't been up to date with his adventures, they've been pretty intense. Tanner had a killer season, and if you get the chance, the PBP film is a great look back on the past twenty years of some of our favorite skiers.

When the films were finished, everyone poured out into the Procrastinator Theater's lobby for an autograph session, along with the chance to get their picture taken with the boys. This gave everyone a chance to talk to one another, to share the stoke and get excited for the upcoming season.

Don’t miss out on these films. It’s a grassroots style tour, go out and meet some of the best in the game in a small environment. Both of these films were awesome, and the skiers in them are wicked nice. As Tanner said tonight, “It’s only skiing at the end of the day.”