Cover photo: Ilanna Barkusky

The World Ski & Snowboard Festival in Whistler hosted another insane big air this year. The women's lineup consisted of Sofia Tchernetsky, Elena Gaskell, Yuki Tsubota, & Nikki Blackall. The Men were as follows: Max Moffatt, Matt Wilcox, Philippe Langevin, Teal Harle, Nick Suchy, Noah Morrison, Patrick Dew, Evan McEachran, Kai Martin, & Ben Lynch.

With $25,000 up for grabs tonight, the only rules were that the women have to spin left & right while the men have to do a forward & switch run. Skiing in the rain made for some interesting conditions but that didn't stop the competitors from throwing down.

Livestream replay

Women's Run 1 highlights:

Gaskell: Sw cork 9

Men's Run 1 Highlights:

Moffatt: Sw dub 9 high safety

Wilcox: Sw dub wobble 14 mute

Langevin: Sw dub 10 blunt

McEachran doing the Meader Grab

Women Run 2:

Tsubota: Sw 5 tweaked mute

Men's Run 2:

Moffatt: Carved L dub 10

Harle: Sw L dub 10 truckdriver

Dew: Dub Misty 10 Mute

McEachran: Sw dub 12 double grab

Women's Run 3:

Tchernetsky: L cork 7

Gaskell: Sw rodeo 9

Men's Run 3:

Moffatt: Sw dub 10 high safety

Wilcox: Kang Flip (Dub Flat 9 Japan)

Langevin: Dub cork 10 Mute > Japan

Morrison: Sw dub 10 blunt to japan

Women's Run 4:

Tchernetsky: R 7

Men's Run 4:

Langevin: L dub 12 dub grab

Suchy: Dub cork 10 to gucci plateau

Morrison: Dub 16 blunt

McEachran: Sw dub cork 12

Women's Run 5:

Gaskell: L 7 blunt

Tsubota: L Cork 9 tail

Men's Run 5:

Moffatt: R carved dub 12 safety

Langevin: L dub cork 12 mute to japan

Harle: Sw dub 7

Dew: Dub Misty 12 mute

McEachran: Sw dub 12 tail to japan

Women's Run 6:

Tsubota: Backflip mute!

Men's Run 6:

Wilcox: Rodeo 5 dub nose to gucci

Harle: Sw dub 9

Morrison: L dub 16 mute

McEachran: Sw dub cork safety to japan