What began as a nice and sunny day here at WSI ended snowy and stormy, in classic Whistler fashion. Following slope finals, the competitors headed back up for more jumping action. Due to the shitty winter out here, big air had to be moved up to the park, on the first jump of the slopestyle course. The jump was definitely smaller than a typical big air jump, and the vibe on course wasn't the same without all of Whistler village watching and cheering. Despite all this, 25 skiers took to the jump and brought out their best tricks.

Lots of nice doubles were thrown and some creativity to mix things up. Check out today's episode of "On The Road With Mr. Bishop" for some thoughts from Jossi on spins over 9 and Vincent Gagnier's take on the jump and keeping it stylish. Vinnie continued his big air murder mission with some sweet combos including a 10 genie to blunt.

Unofficial Results:

1) Vincent Gagnier

2) James Woodsy Woods

3) Elias Ambuhl