Last Chance Qualifier, 22-Foot Superpipe, Final Race for the Dew Cup and FREE Ice Cube Concert Highlight Weekend Line Up

Burr Ridge, Ill. ? February 7, 2011 ? The Winter Dew Tour brings the Toyota Championship to Snowbasin Resort in Ogden, Utah February 10-13, 2011 to close out the 2010-11 season. For the first time, Snowbasin Resort will host the four-day Championship event, which is highlighted by the first-ever Last Chance Qualifier, a brand-new 22-foot superpipe, expanded women?s freeski competitions, the Gatorade Free Flow Tour Finals and the honoring of Dew Cup champions.The top winter athletes from around the world will compete in freeskiing (slopestyle and superpipe) and snowboarding (slopestyle and superpipe). Snowbasin is the host resort for the second consecutive year on the Winter Dew Tour, closing out the season with the Toyota Championship for the first time.

Hip-Hop legend, Ice Cube, will perform a FREE concert on Friday, February 11th at 9pm at the 200 block of Ogden?s Historic 25th Street. Saturday features everything superpipe, showcasing the men and women?s freeski and snowboard finals on Snowbasin?s new 22-foot pipe. To close out the 2010-11 Winter Dew Tour season, Sunday?s freeski and snowboard slopestyle finals promise to impress. The weekend will conclude with the Dew Cup award ceremony at The Scrapyard on Sunday night, where 2010-11 champions will be honored in freeski (slopestyle and superpipe) and snowboarding (slopestyle and superpipe).

Unique to the Toyota Championship, the Winter Dew Tour will hold the first Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) on Thursday, February 10th. An additional 100 athletes are invited to compete in this particular competition, based on their Open Qualifier rankings coming out of the Nike 6.0 Open held earlier this season at Breckenridge Ski Resort. The top 15 men and 7 women per Dew Cup discipline along with available wild card spots will advance to this event.

The men?s freeski superpipe competition proves to be the tightest race for the Dew Cup this season with Kevin Rolland and Simon Dumont each determined to take home their first Dew Cup. It?s a winner-takes-all scenario, if Rolland or Dumont tops the podium in Snowbasin, they secure themselves as Dew Cup champion for the 2010-11 Winter Dew Tour season.

Bobby Brown has earned enough points to hold his spot at the top of the freeski slopestyle leader board, allowing him to win it all by placing eighth or higher at the Toyota Championship. However, if Switzerland?s Elias Ambuhl is able to take home a win at the Snowbasin finals and Brown finishes ninth or below, Ambul wins the Dew Cup.

Out in the pipe, Olympian Louie Vito has remained undefeated this season, only needing a sixth place finish or better to win his first-ever Dew Cup and the title of Toyota Athlete of the Year. But the excitement doesn?t end there. Defending Dew Cup Champion, JJ Thomas, is able to take home the title again this year if he tops the podium and Vito falls to seventh. Matt Ladley, currently seated third and only seven points behind Thomas, will fight until the end for the title, knowing it?s still anyone?s game.

Currently ranked first in women?s snowboard superpipe, Spain?s Queralt Castellet can take home the Dew Cup if she places second or better. However, fellow Olympians, Kelly Clark and Elena Hight will not make it easy for Castellet with each competitor putting it all on the line for the coveted Dew Cup.

Another snowboarder boasting a perfect Winter Dew Tour season is Norway?s Torstein Horgmo. Having won the first two stops on the Tour, Horgmo needs a fifth place finish or better to lock down the title of the men?s snowboard slopestyle Dew Cup champion. With two-hundred points to his name, Horgmo is also in contention to become the 2010-11 Toyota Athlete of the Year. Ranked a close second and only twenty-two points behind, newcomer Mark Mcmorris is able to take the Dew Cup back to Canada if he places first and Horgmo falls to sixth place or below.

Jamie Anderson, the women?s snowboard slopestyle defending Dew Cup champion, is looking to continue her winning streak at the Toyota Championship. As long as Anderson performs like she has all season, she will walk away with another Dew Cup title this year and maintain her domination on the slope course, securing her spot as female Toyota Athlete of the Year.

Through the support of Paul Mitchell, expanded women?s freeski competitions were held in both slopestyle and superpipe disciplines at the Nike 6.0 Open at Breckenridge Ski Resort, and will be held again to close out the season during the Toyota Championship at Snowbasin Resort. Women?s freeski athletes will compete in prelims and finals during the Championship event.

The Gatorade Free Flow Tour, the official amateur series of the Winter Dew Tour, will also hold its finals during the Toyota Championship event. Overall Champions from the Finals will earn a pre-qualified spot to compete against the pros on the first stop of the 2011-12 Winter Dew Tour.

Athletes are pre-qualified based on their 2010-11 Winter Dew Tour rankings. The full list of pre-qualified athletes is as follows:

Men?s Snowboard Superpipe

Men?s Snowboard Slopestyle

Fredrik Austbo

Torgeir Bergrem

Zach Black

Cody Boan

Greg Bretz

Wyatt Caldwell

Brett Esser*

Yale Cousino

Steve Fisher

Tyler Flanagan

Christian Haller

Chas Guldemond

Roger Kleivdal

Christian Haller*

Ilkka-Eemeli Laari

Seth Hill

Matt Ladley

Torstein Horgmo

Scotty Lago*

Sam Hulbert

Jack Mitrani

Nick Julius

Luke Mitrani

Nate Kern

Scott Moline

Scotty Lago

Scotty Pike

Spencer Link

Spencer Shaw

Mark Mcmorris

Brennen Swanson

Justin Morgan

JJ Thomas

Aleksander Ostreng

Louie Vito

Nick Poohachoff

Broc Waring

Brandon Reis

Ben Watts

Jeremy Thompson

Sondre Tiller

Robbie Walker

Andreas Wiig

Eric Willett

Women?s Snowboard Superpipe

Women?s Snowboard Slopestyle

Jamie Anderson

Jamie Anderson

Queralt Castellet

Madison Blackley

Kelly Clark

Megan Ginter

Kaitlyn Farrington

Shelly Gotlieb

Leslie Glenn

Jordie Karlinski

Arielle Gold

Lynn Neil

Elena Hight

Spencer O?Brien

Ellery Hollingsworth

Chanelle Sladics

Meg Puh

Nikki Slechta

Serena Shaw

Rebecca Torr

Rebecca Sinclair

Charlotte Van Gils

Hannah Teter*

Janna Weatherby

Katie Tsuyuki

Soko Yamaoka

Men?s Freeski Superpipe

Men?s Freeski Slopestyle

Duncan Adams

Elias Ambuhl

Noah Bowman

Aleksander Aurdal

Joss Christensen*

Paul Bergeron*

Justin Dorey

Bobby Brown

Simon Dumont

Sammy Calrson

Banks Gilberti

Philip Casabon

AJ Kemppainen*

Ian Cosco

Gus Kenworthy

Simon Dumont

Thomas Krief

Charles Gagnier

Marshall LaCroix

Banks Gilberti

Matt Margetts

Nick Goepper

Dan Marion

Henrik Harlaut

Peter Olenick*

Jf Houle

Tucker Perkins

Sean Jordan

Tyler Peterson

Gus Kenworthy*

Kevin Rolland

Chris Laker

Taylor Seaton

Chris Logan

Byron Wells

Alex Schlopy

Jossi Wells

John Strenio

Colby West*

Dane Tudor

David Wise

Matt Walker*

Torin Yater-Wallace

Tom Wallisch

Jossi Wells*

Colby West

McRae Williams

James Woods

Torin Yater-Wallace

Women?s Freeski Superpipe

Women?s Freeski Slopestyle

Maddie Bowman

Ashley Battersby

Anais Caradeux

Eveline Bhend

Jessica Cumming

Shanny Cohen

Kendall Deighan

Emma Dahlstrom

Rosalind Groenewoud

Erica Durtschi

Shannon Gunning

Keltie Hansen

Keltie Hansen

Keri Herman

Miyuki Hatanaka

Kim Lamarre

Hnnah Haupt

Devin Logan

Keri Herman

Meg Olenick

Jen Hudak

Maude Raymond

Mirjam Jaeger

Anna Segal

Chloe Lee

Desiree Touchette

Devin Logan

Kaya Turski

Blake Peterson

Jessica Wrall

Brita Sigourney

Emilia Wint

Shiro Terada

* Indicates wild cards

The Winter Dew Tour Toyota Championship schedule of events is as follows:

Thursday, February 10th ? Festival Village ? 9:30AM ? 4:00PM

10:00AM ? 11:30AM                         SKI SS Men Last Chance Qualifier

10:30AM ? 11:10AM                         SNB SP Women Last Chance Qualifier

11:30AM ? 12:30PM                         SNB SP Men Last Chance Qualifier

1:30PM ? 2:15PM                         SNB SS Women Last Chance Qualifier

2:30PM ? 4:00PM                         SNB SS Men Last Chance Qualifier

3:00PM ? 4:00PM                         SKI SP Men Last Chance Qualifier

Friday, February 11th ? Festival Village ? 9:30AM ? 4:00PM

9:15AM ? 10:45AM                         SKI SS Women Prelims

9:30AM ? 10:30AM                         SNB SP Women Prelims

10:45AM ? 12:45PM                         SKI SS Men Prelims

10:50AM ? 12:30PM                         SNB SP Men Prelims

2:00PM ? 3:00PM                         SNB SS Women Prelims

3:00PM ? 5:00PM                         SNB SS Men Prelims

5:00PM ? 6:00PM                         SKI SP Women Prelims

6:20PM ? 8:00PM                         SKI SP Men Prelims

9:00PM ? 11:00PM                         FREE Ice Cube Concert in Downtown Ogden

Saturday, February 12th ? Festival Village ? 9:30AM ? 4:00PM

10:20AM ? 11;20AM                        Gatorade Free Flow Tour SNB SS Women Final

11:30AM ? 12:10PM                         SKI SP Women Final

12:30PM ? 1:30PM                         SKI SP Men Final

1:30PM ? 2:30PM                        Gatorade Free Flow Tour SNB SS Men Final

3:00PM ? 4:00PM                        Gatorade Free Flow Tour SKI SS Final

4:00PM ? 4:40PM                         SNB SP Women Final

5:00PM ? 6:00PM                         SNB SP Men Final

Sunday, February 13th ? Festival Village ? 9:30AM ? 4:00PM

9:00AM ? 9:30AM                         SKI SS Women Final

9:45AM ? 10:30AM                         SKI SS Men Final

12:40PM ? 1:15PM                         SNB SS Women Final

1:30PM ? 2:30PM                         SNB SS Men Final

3:00PM ? 4:00PM                        Gatorade Free Flow Tour SKI SP Final

4:00PM ? 5:30PM                        Gatorade Free Flow Tour SNB SP Women Final

6:00PM ? 7:00PM                        Gatorade Free Flow Tour SNB SP Men Final

8:00PM ? 9:00PM                         Awards Ceremony


Beyond the competitions, Winter Dew Tour Toyota Championship features a FREE concert by Ice Cube Friday, February 11th at 9pm at the 200 block of Ogden?s Historic 25th Street.

Mega Passes for the Winter Dew Tour Toyota Championship are available for $50 for the weekend and are on sale through Mega Passes provide exclusive athlete autograph sessions, a ticket to the Winter Dew Tour?s Dew Cup Awards Party, discounts within the Town of Ogden and more!