Hey everyone, how’s it going? Winter is over, I had an all right season but most important it was extremely fun! I’ve learned so many new tricks, I started out the season with only a few now I have so many. There are a few videos on my web site from Woodward and form the season. Go to http://www.spencershaw.net. I don’t know if you have been in Woodward at Copper Mountain yet but its amazing. You should definitely check it out! There are four trampolines, three huge foam pits, snowboard jump with three different size lips and snowboard rails with a small quarter pipe. I have only rode the big jump but I have done Back rodeo, inverted seven twenty, switch back rodeo, switch nolly front flip, back flip and a double front flip. It was so exciting because you know you can’t get hurt. Louie Vito and I hit the trampolines before hitting the jump. We had a great time, after Woodward we were so tired. I went home and fell asleep. The following day the mountain closed, Reid and I hiked the pipe and Reid took video. It was sweet we took great footage. I’m only here for a short period of time. Then I fly back home to CT for the summer. This summer we I might go to New Zealand, Mt Hood or the gold camp. The gold camp is where riders go to train to make it onto the US snowboard team.