Well for those of you who missed it, too bad 'cause its over! We had a zillion entries, but we had to choose only a few, or we'd bankrupt the business with shipping costs. There was a couple of polling questions that I needed answered, so they were put up and you guys voted on the answers (which really did help me out a lot) and then those who posted in the comments were entered into a draw.

These are the prize packs for the four winners. You get an Obermeyer prize pack, NS Bandana, Obermeyer ipod case and a bunch of NS stickers. Congrats goes out to:Jgposs - Who posted first in the news article. So sometimes you do get something for posting first!ride1080fakiewinterchickphilipcThe last three were the random draw winners. Thanks for everyone who participated! If you're feeling relaly nice, I'd love it if more people kept answering the questions...http://newschoolers.com/web/content/news/news_id/1381/Thank you and enjoy your free shit!