Corbin here.  I’m just chillin at camp knocking things off my to-do list.  Which, by the way, is written on my arm.  The perfect place for reminders.

Session 4 just ended.  It’s departure day. A little rainy here at the camp.  Oh well.  It’s helping me stay inside and do some of this work i gots to do.  I thought I might share some of my list with you all. Haha.

First off, some jams that I do work to.  My buddy from home in Boulder,  Mike Dresser,  produces some fire beats.  Definitely check them out. IDEAL BEATS = dat hot fiyah.

The Jam.  Grape to be exact.

I just began a class online even though I take classes all school year too.  Had to do an international politics exam.  Nailed it for sure.

Hey, nice shirt.  I’m not so sure about the literature though.

I mailed off some money to my roommate Andrew Duffy for a partying ticket we received this spring. Haha.

I’ve also been updating/conquoring  a ton of stuff for CUST.  That is (for the un or mis informed) the University of Colorado Snowboard Team, which a couple of kids and I run.  We got a video premiere coming up this fall at the Fox Theater on The Hill in Boulder.  That should be sick.  Several DJ’s will be playing too.  I’ve also been trying to gather footy and get it sent out.  That’s not going super quickly to say the least.

Some fancy graphic design.

Been also diggin’ some freshies, but not the snow kind. I’m talking about the oh-so-crispy-fresh saga t’s and what-not.

I’ve seen several campers sporting them.  I got some very aestecically pleasing saga gold foil stickers too.  One camper here was close to legitimately offering $50 for my gold Angus die-cutty.  Dang, I didn’t know that these stickers were so hot.

Hot ‘n’ fresh.  This is my doin’ work machine.