WEP700 Samsung Bluetooth headset

The WEP700 Samsung monster beats Bluetooth headset has found its way into many lists of top ten Bluetooth headsets with very good reasons indeed. The WEP700 Samsung Bluetooth headset is a very compact and designed sleekly and stylishly with also good audio quality in mind. I found many users who have written highly about the comfortable fit and clear sound quality although those with unusually small ears do seem to complain about the fitting of the WEP700 Samsung Bluetooth headset (hmm. . I wonder why). The earpiece of the WEP700 Samsung Bluetooth headset fits snugly into the ear because of the rubberized rings but a 100% best headphones grip can be ensured by using the flexible over ear loops provided. Although the fitting would be better for everyone if different sized earpiece covers had been provided. The feature that mostly gets the WEP700 Monster Beats by dre Samsung Bluetooth headset onto many lists is its echo cancellation and automatic volume control which is truly brilliant and overcomes flaws of many common bluetooth headsets. ? By building in two microphones into the bluetooth headset Samsung has managed to achieve crystal clear audio with amazing noise cancellation. I was totally riveted the first time I used the WEP700 Samsung wireless headphones Bluetooth headset and my bose in ear friend on the other end could not even tell if I was Monster Headphones using a Bluetooth headset. Especially the automatic volume control feature helps loads when you are talking hands free. Bose Headphones The pairing beats by dre is fairly easy and done like almost any other hands free bluetooth headset. ? The WEP700 Samsung Bluetooth headset is rated at a decent talktime of 6 hours and 8. 3 days of standby. For a price 24$ the WEP700 Samsung Bluetooth headset is a giveaway.