Jeff Kiesel and Josh Bishop, providing you with Liu-Kang examples.  Jeff's photo by Brady Perron.

After the success of Level 1 Productions SUPERUNKNOWN, I,

Jeffery Kiesel have collaborated with Josh Bishop to create SUPER-KANG-KNOWN.

Here are some details regarding the competition:


& edit a video segment


TRICK in your edit MUST involve a Liu-Kang


video’s must be submitted by January 31st  2008


send all submissions to 



5 entries will be posted on


WINNER will receive


limited edition die cut stickers




media’s 1st feature length film: Look it Up


it Up/4bi9 T-Shirt


Jar of Nutella Hazelnut Chocolate Spread

A JIBJ Umbrella Tee


a SUPER-KANG-KNOWN mystery item



In 2005, Jeff Kiesel started Bring Back Kang’s for World Peace, a

non-profit organization with a dream to create a better world. Since 2005, Jeff

has worked tirelessly to bring back the Liu-Kang to skiing, all in the name of

world peace. Now accepted by many skiers throughout the world, the non-profit

organization supports 228 members.  For

a link to the organization’s official website, please refer to Bring Back Liu

Kangs for World Peace on facebook.


Liu-Kangs are a very dangerous and serious maneuver. If

you or anyone you’re filming, becomes physically or mentally injured while

attempting Liu-Kangs, Jeffery Kiesel & Josh Bishop are in no way


  Josh Bishop

& Jeffery Kiesel and all of our sponsors, partners, friends, and family are

in no way responsible for damages or claims made by any party in relation to

their personal or intellectual property, physical health, image, or likeness,

as it relates to The Contest. Nor shall Josh Bishop & Jeffery Kiesel, and

any of our sponsors, partners, friends, and family be held liable in court of

law for any damages associated with participation or entry in The Contest.  This includes possible or potential damages

incurred in the creation of promotional videos for entry in SUPER-KANG-KNOWN

any and all activities pertaining to entry in SUPER-KANG-KNOWN, and any

activities that may occur as a result of victory or loss of SUPERK-KNANG-KNOWN.

  The idea for

this contest as well as the majority of the information in our disclaimer was

taken from the Level 1 Productions official website. In no way does this

contest have any connection with Level 1 Productions or any its subsidiaries,

affiliates, and partners. However, REALTIME is dope and you should definitely

hit up a copy.

Information You Never

Wanted to Know (and probably should not read) regarding Liu-Kang


Kang is one of the only characters to appear in every MK game, though his

appearance in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance was not playable.


Kang is Mortal Kombat's current and undisputed champion. He is referred to

as "The immortal champion of Mortal Kombat" in later games, and

his ending in Mortal Kombat: Deception has him again assuming the role

upon his restoration to life.


Kang appeared in the walled city in Mortal Kombat: Deception's Konquest

mode as a living person, albeit only to give you 500 Ruby coins. If you

hit him, he will say "Watch it, I know many forms of Kombat and am

the Champion of Mortal Kombat!"


many other video game characters Liu Kang is based on Bruce Lee, they both

share the same style of fighting and high pitched screams when executing

certain moves.


wrestler Human Tornado uses a move he calls the Liu Kang Kick in homage to

the character.


Kang was intended to be a “surprise/secret” character during Mortal Kombat

Deception, being one of the most difficult to find/unlock during Konquest

because the creators intended to cause a shock to the fans of the series

by having their hero resurrected in such a corrupted way.According to the Mortal Kombat Collector's

Edition Comic Book, it is stated that one of Liu Kang's hobbies is fishing.

Interestingly enough, Jeff

LOVES fishing.


Jeff Kiesel

Josh Bishop

Jibersish: Applied

Textile Services for Textile Applicable Citizens

4bi9: Butting the G back

in Skiing

JIBIJ: If you're not

having fun, you're doing it wrong!

Good Luck and Happy Skiing!

 - Love Jeffery

Kiesel & Josh Bishop