So Pilsner is a Sponsor and supporter of Landyachtz...and we love them for it. Check out this little write-up on

Landyachtz ...The Perfect SponsorshipJun 16, 2010Half my phone calls and emails these days are sponsorship requests. Teams, events, videos, parties, etc. etc. etc. Even drunk bastards call me asking for free beer at all hours of the nights. That's what happens when you put your cell number on your business card and hand them out all over B.C. I believe that all these people deserve a Pilsner sponsorship but unfortunately it's impossible to sponsor them all.We have to be very selective who we sponsor. It has to make sense from a business perspective. It has to drive us more business and sell us more beer! If it were up to me I'd give free Pilsner to everyone but unfortunately that isn't the case!Our perfect example of a perfect sponsorship is Landyachtz. They have an absolutely HUGE following. The hit our demographic! They are talented athletes and outstanding individuals. But, most importantly they absolutely crush Pilsner (responsibly) and when they are done their sponsorship beer from us they buy their own.Check out the Pilsner they bought from the liquor store today! This is their Pilsner supply for one weekend! Thanks Blake from Landyachtz! Landyachtz... the perfect Pilsner sponsorship!ILMLRN!MurFps. Alberta Bush Bash this weekend. B.C. next weekend! ILMLRN!!Thanks to Murf over at Pilsner as well as Molson...Buy Pilsner (if your over 19) and drink it (responsibly) all summer long!