Ah, how they grow: what just yesterday seemed a gangly, pimply and socially awkward ski event called the West Coast Session has quickly matured into a full-grown, hairy-chest man event. What’s become Mt. Hood’s signature spring park skiing session is back for a third year, and it’s bigger and better than ever.

Presented by AMPLID and Newschoolers.com, the West Coast Session gathers the world’s top young park skiers for a four-day film and photo shoot on the unique creations of the Timberline Lodge terrain park crew, documented by a group of equally talented guys behind expensive lenses who will capture all the action for extensive event coverage on Newschoolers.com.

The Session concludes on Saturday, April 25 when the Paintbrush Park at Timberline Lodge will be opened to the public for a unique chance to ride the shoot features with the invited skiers. Copious amounts of gear from AMPLID, Spy, Dakine, and others will be distributed liberally, and as always, a few informal competitions guarantee to keep things interesting.

We have arranged event pricing for you NS’ers out there. So if you’re interested in a lift ticket for a day, complimentary munchies, and chance to win some AMPLID skis don’t forget to pre-register!


The following skiers are scheduled to attend the third West Coast Session:

Alex Martini

Andrew Hathaway

Andy Perry

Angeli Vanlaanen

Ben Moxham

Collin Collins

Henrik Harlaut

Jeff Kiesel

John Kutcher

Josh Bishop

Liam Downey

LJ Strenio

Matt Walker

Max Peters

McRae Williams

Mike Hornbeck

Nick Martini

Phil Casabon

Sean Jordan

Steve Stepp

Tim Durtschi

Tim McChesney

Tom Wallisch

Tosh Peters

Tyler Barnes

Will Wesson

Witt Foster