So as many of you probably know it's literally taken years for Surface's now legendary"Walks of Life." sick trailers and some riders who've quit pro skiing since the first trailer (Paco Garcia) and it's still not out/ there's not even a release date for it.There've been hits from SIA that it may come out this year, but that's not entirely likely since it sounds like they're trying to get it just perfect before releasing it.I say just release what you have of it! People have been waiting so long that their expectations for it are through the roof. There's no way anyone can make a video good enough to satisfy what will hopefully become a legendary video. The good news is that the few tight pant wearing shredders out there are dieing to see a movie that has people who dress and ski like they do in it as opposed to the weird looking super baggy clothes on short people videos everyone is accustomed to.Don't worry, even if the movie sucks (which I really hope it won't), it's bound to grow a crazy cult following just like Hot Lunch. Especially if its FREE!