On this day, November 4th, 2008, the NS staff would like to take the opportunity to stray from our usual barrage of ski world news for just a moment to address a much more serious and important subject for the hundred of thousands of our American readers…the 2008 Presidential Election.

Because this is election is arguably the most important in our generation’s history, we want to encourage any and all American citizens over the age of 18 to head on out to the polls across the country today and vote.

After last month’s disaster on Wall Street, rising health care costs, numerous wars and perhaps the most serious issue to skiers all over the world, the threat of global warming, make sure you take advantage of the basic democratic right that you possess and that many countries all over the world unfortunately have to protest, fight and die for…the right for your voice to be heard. 

Make sure you vote, whether you’re a Democrat, Republican or Independent. Whether you support Barack Obama or John McCain. Whether you agree with the policies of either candidate or not. Because as they say, if you don’t vote…you don’t have the right to complain about what your government does over the next four years.

And just in case you’re wondering (although we’re Canadian so it doesn’t really matter) the NS staff enthusiastically supports the Democratic candidate Barack Obama and his running mate Joe Biden.