Member Review:

The flex of the ski is great. The tip and tail are softer which allowed for a easier turn initiation while under foot the ski is solid. This meant that when you come out of a big cliff you wouldn't wheelie out or get bucked back seat. When I say the tip and tail are softer I mean they are soft for a Volkl ski.

The rocker profile of the ski takes a bit to get used to. I was always used to skiing a camber ski with a bit of tip and tail rocker so going to a completely full rocker ski was different. The nice thing about the rocker shape is that the ski is essentially always in a flexed position. This means that as soon as you roll the ski on edge the whole ski will hookup and help to initiate and finish the turn. This coupled with the tip and tail "tapper" make for a very easy and forgiving ski to ride that can still be charged on.

The only area where I personally struggled with this ski was when everything got really tracked and and crusty and hard. I found the ski to get deflected around quite a bit and it felt like the ski had a hard time tracking through its turns. I believe this is because of its 122 footprint and me not being the heavyset/ strongest person. - Wood_Wizard

Characteristics: Floaty, Heavy, Damp

Manufacturer's Description:

The team riders asked for a bigger version of the successful Revolt 95 and here it is. The twin tip ski comes with carbon stringers, full sidewall and taper shape. So when you intend to bring the tricks from the park to the powder 124 mm under the boot deliver enough flotation for a speedy take-off and a soft landing.

Sizes: 176, 186

Dimensions: 146 / 124 / 138

Radius: 28.2 @ 186

Weight: 2700g