Newschoolers' Review:

The Bash 116 is a tricky one to review. It's versatile, it handles pow and trees well, carves pretty effectively, is solid enough to charge, balanced enough to jib and generally does a good job of everything. But, as Volkls often do, they feel a little heavy and damp. And for that reason, they didn't really inspire me. They are a perfectly good ski but I found them just a little dull. -Twig

Characteristics: Playful, Floaty, Stable

Manufacturer's Description:

The brand new full rocker Bash 116 with carbon stringers, full sidewall and a shape of 138-116-130mm, is designed for skiers who want a powder ski that they can also ski in chopped up crud, wind blown snow, and even crust. The early taper in the tip and tail allow the skier to maneuver with almost no effort. A playful powder twin tip ski for easy, drifty turns and tricks, whether you ride forward or switch.

Sizes: 156, 166, 176, 186 CM

Dimensions: 138 / 116 / 130 MM

Radius: 16.3 - 27.5 M