On November 27th (Thanksgiving for all you Americans out there) Voleurz will be having the first ever streaming online movie premiere! Not only will they be showing their latest film Outdoor Education but there will also be a live chat with athletes, contests, give-aways as well as a bunch of their previous edits playing before the feature presentation. Some of the mayhem they caused this season includes...

May or May not have gone to IF3

Outdoor Education teaser

Episode 15 - Joe in slow mo, yo

Spirit Team volume 4

Spirit Team volume 5

Coors Light/Maxim golf tournament

West Coast Sessions


What better way to spend Thanksgiving? You get to feast on the best meal of the year, and then you can head over to your computer, plop yourself down and watch what is in my opinion the most high-five worthy movie of the year. At the same time, you'll get to chat with everyone on NS including the staff and members of the Voleurz Family.


Not only do you get to watch a free movie, you also have the chance at winning some free Voleurz gear. If you aren't lucky enough to get some of the free stuff, you can always cruise over to the NS Store and pick up something (which will all be on sale during the premiere). The best part about an online premiere is the fact that you can party without having to pay bar prices for booze! Get drunk in the comfort of your own home...what more can one ask for?

The downside to an online movie premiere...no chicks

While talking about Voleurz, it would be a crime to not mention the Toestand Contest that is in full effect, and kids have been killing it! The winners are going to be announced during the premiere, so you guys still have time to go shoot some toestanding photos and win a bunch of dope Voleurz gear. My personal favorite so far is of my good friend and toestanding mentor, Ben Burwash. It's also his birthday, so make sure to send him a message and wish him Happy Birthday. Keep killing it buddy!

Ben Burwash raising the barHope do see you guys there! Go check out the Facebook event to keep up to date on the premier.