I’m a firm believer that all the best stories have a twist near the end. Mine was panning out as usual the other day as i packed my bags in Los Angeles after a successful season over in the states. While this was going on a volcano over in Iceland was doing what volcanos do bringing the entire european air network to a standstill.

As soon as my flight got cancelled i was told that the next available flight out of LA was the 28th April meaning i had 10 days to kill until i could head home. Now i’m one of the few people who actually loves LA. Every time i pass through there i always manage to have fun and this time was no exception. Great for one day? sure. Ten days? Absolutely no way.

Knowing the cost of living in LA got me quickly thinking about what to do next. Last year i wrote a post about a charity one of my good friends Amy works for (read it here) The charity is called Education for the Children and it focuses on bringing education to children over in Guatemala. A few phone calls here and there and 6 hours later i was on a flight to Guatemala city completely unaware of where i was heading….

Anyway, enough talking. Here’s a selection of shots from my first day around the school.