...Yeah right! While the daytime is focused around business, the nights

are reserved for partying! SIA was our grand debut to many people that

might have heard about us but had never seen a Moment ski or met

someone from the company. Many sleepless nights were put in to make

this a reality for us, and we are proud to show you some of the moments

(pun intended) that we had in Vegas

    Grab some popcorn, pour yourself something to drink, sit back and prepare to enjoy Moment's first SIA experience!

    The trip started off at around 5am, after having worked virtually

nonstop in order to get ready for the show. I had around 1.5 hours of

sleep in me before I picked up our Western US Sales Rep Craig Combs and

went to meet up with the rest of the crew and pick up the other

vehicles. Our first stop and photo opportunity was at a gas station

that morning.

Words to live by

The Moment Skis Sport Utility Flatbed (Big Truck)

     We arrived in vegas around

2:30-3:00pm only to find that the strip was closed for a block or two

in front of our hotel because the Monte Carlo had caught on fire. I

decided to utilize my uncanny sense of direction and find an alternate

route to the convention center, although as we neared the end of my

'shortcut' we realized that the strip had opened back up, and my detour

was completely unnecessary.

   The Mandalay Bay! Finally reaching our destination, we began

unloading our booth and transporting it to our assigned location inside

the convention center and started setting it up. Shortly after the

first few walls went up, Videographer Steve Schultz met up with us at

the booth. Steve filmed throughout the entire SIA show and is working

on a Moment Skis SIA video for that we hope to show later this month.

   Tired and Hungry, we made our way into the city to find some food before heading to the hotel and going to bed.

Say Cheese and Taters!

16 hours after leaving Reno

Proof we actually attended the convention

Luke Jacobson won a castle

JJ Schiller at the MGM

M&M and Eminem

SIA Day 1 -

    The morning started off well and we made our way to the convention

center so we could finish setting up the booth before the show opened

to non-exhibitors.

By far the cleanest the room was all week

(Insert caption here)

A wonderful Vegas Morning

Setting up the booth

At the show we saw many of our friends.

Colin and Ian

Luke showing off his skills on a Rascal

Towards the end of the first day, we heard

that Orage was having a party and decided to head over. On our way we

ran into the Bula Promotional Director who also happened to be my

roommate my freshman year of college.

Erik aka Nasty

We arrived at the Orage Party where the Red

Dawn himself was on the turntables mixing it up. Accompanied by Doug

Bishop, we grabbed a few drinks courtesy of Orage.

Max Miller finally gets a day off

Fun Times

Matt Connelly

While at the Orage party, we received news of

another party happening at the Joystick booth and decided to head in

that direction. We partied down pretty hard with the NS crew this

night, these guys kick ass!

Moment Skis Owner Casey Hakansson

The Joystick Party


SIA Day 2 -


    The crew is still going strong after the previous days shenanigans.

The second day of the show proved to be busier than the first, with

many people stopping by to inquire about the skis. Day 2 also marked

the first of two Moment Skis Parties we hosted at our booth during the

show. The Capture the Moment Party went off without a hitch, we ended

up going through 7 cases of Redbull for cocktails and three cases of

beer. The following are moments captured our second night at the show.

Yours truly

Steve Schultz aka Ricky Bobby

This is how Volcom parties

Dave Brunelle, Nuff Said

Harvey from Voleurz

The Man himself


Max and Jackie Paaso




Inside the booth

One of many inspirational moments from Max


People need to wear more ties


We even ran into Brad Holmes

SIA Day 3 -

   Our second to last day at the show, today pumped us up because it

was the day of our Punk Rock and PBR Party! We invited some of our

friends from Reno, a punk-rock band called BEERCAN to come and perform

at our booth. The hallways around the Moment Skis booth filled with

people to come watch the show, and what a show it was!

Ever seen 500 tallboys before?

Beer, Beer, Beer

Costa Family on Vacation

Luke, Casey and Craig

JT and KC Deane

They wouldn't let max bring his Harley inside the show


Not sure why they are in towels, but who cares?

No more towels

Another tie...

Max Miller 0 - Vegas 2

Punk rock and PBR!

The Band - BEERCAN

Shots of the Crowd

What do you know, people love beer!

Good times

All in all, the show was success. We all made it back, some in better

shape than others. We laughed, no one cried, and no one came back

married! We made some great new friends, got to hang out with some old

ones we haven't seen in a while. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and

partied with us, you made SIA 2008 a time we will never forget. Shout

outs go to Doug, Schmuck, Jeff, Josh B, Josh from JibiJ, Harvey, and

anyone else I may have forgotten that stopped by!

See you all at SIA 2009!