Source: ABC 7

David Lesh was conducting a photoshoot late Tuesday afternoon of his new Beechcraft Bonanza, a plane that he had purchased only a few weeks ago, when he lost power and couldn't restart the engine due to "unknown circumstances".

"It skipped along the water a few times. There was like no impact. We were totally fine," Lesh described. "Got the door open right away, we piled out. I grabbed my phone, grabbed some stuff to float with and we stood on the wing as long as the plane was floating which was probably 30 seconds or 40 seconds."

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The US Coast Guard responded quite quickly because of the presence of the accompanying plane from the shoot. "What was truly amazing about tonight was there was another aircraft on-scene that quickly responded," Lt. Commander Joshua Murphy said. "Contacted Air Traffic Control who knew to contact Airborne Coast Guard Asset and get us on-scene quickly."