Commercials of the past are one thing, but commercials involving skiing from the 70's, 80's, and 90's are in a whole nother realm of weirdness. Check out this compilation of vintage ski commercials and see what marketing on the mountain looked like during your parent's prime ski days.

First up is a Juicy Fruit classic, you might have seen a parody of this before on Family Guy.

The neon graphics and narration in this Whistler Blackcomb commercial are too much.

Ski Bonkers Sale. Brutal.

Freestyle skiing pioneer Wayne Wong absolutely ripping in this Pepsi ad.

Cigarettes and skiing, going together like PB&J since the 70's.

This credit card commercial goes from 0 to ski ballet real quick.

"I am Jean-Claude Killy. When I come down the mountain, I think about funny things. A beautiful woman. A glass of wine."