How?s your season going so far?

It is almost mid-march and i think i already had the best season ever! We?re close to the twelve meters total snowfall so I had so many deep powder days on the mountain and sledding. This winter is crazy, we can count the poor condition days on our fingers. I?m working evenings at the Hilton Whistler Resort and Spa as maintenance technician for the third year. So I have my mornings to ski; that?s awesome. On top of that, with my investment in the Coreupt VIP dealer program and the preparation of a future business, I?m really busy. I have no time to rest but I love it, it is fun and at least time goes fast!

What do you find attractive in this sport?

When i was a kid, i used to in-line skate a lot because I was living in a city. Then I went to high school close to the Alps and it was the snowblade revolution. After a few days on these, I realized it wasn?t really stable and bought some twin tips skis and it was the beginning of a real passion. What I like in this sport is the freedom you can feel in every aspect of skiing; from slope style to big mountain, I will always find it magical to play on white gold fallen from the sky.

What are your goals in the ski world?

My first goal is to realize my dreams. After almost four years living in Whistler BC, I realized most of them -skiing deep powder and pillows like the movies, heliskiing trips, owning a snowmobile to access all the backcountry, etc., I just want to have fun on skis as long as possible and continue to shoot with my good friend photographer. Also, on the business side, I keep my mind open to any job opportunities in the ski world, e.g. representing a ski brand.

What?s your vision about freeride skiing nowadays?Who inspires you?

I think freeride is constantly evolving through time but globally still keeps on the same tracks; which is a good thing. I enjoy watching skiers like Seth Morison, Mark Abma or Richard Permin ripping a line in Alaska, they can turn something gnarly into art, that?s my vision of freeride.

Your were talking about the VIP Dealer program, can you tell us what it is all about?

It is a program created by COREUPT.COM and running for the first year. As a VIP Dealer, my job is to talk about the brand and the products but it is also to use my expertise to advise clients about what skis will suit their needs best. Every VIP dealer has a personal code that their clients can use when ordering their skis online; by doing so, they get some free clothing and promotional offers.

What are your projects for this summer and next winter?

This summer, I plan to quit my job and hope to be my own boss if everything goes well. I currently have 2 business projects in the negotiation process here in Whistler and I hope that one of them will see the light soon. So next winter, I believe it will be totally different, I might ski less but will still live the dream in beautiful BC and have to shovel my truck everyday. The second project is to become Canadian citizen and to find the good girl!

What do you like other than skiing ?

I started golfing last summer and I love it, I improved really fast. I also like biking, snowmobiling, being outside, cooking on a bbq and having beers at the lake.

So that?s it, the ITW is done, you can thank who ever you want.

I?d like to thank COREUPT.COM to give me the opportunity to be a VIP Dealer, Whistler Blackcomb, my friends, Polo my roomate, Surefoot Whistler for taking care of my feet, Sam McRae and my parents for understanding my love for Canada.

For further information on the VIP Dealer program, please contact Vincent at:

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