Freshfield Icefield: A Skier’s Journey Ep3 from Jordan Manley Photography on Vimeo.

Vancouver photographer Jordan Manley has published the last in the trio of “A Skier’s Journey” videos, entitled “Freshfield Icefield.” Manley writes on his blog that his purpose of the popular webisode series was “to tell stories about travelling[sic] and skiing in some of the world?s most interesting places. I?ve had a lot of fun shooting, editing, and creating these. I have also learned a lot and I?m bound to do it differently the next time around. These were produced with support from Arcteryx and Gore. I?m greatful for the vision and support they have lent to the project. It is great to be working with companies that allow me to make images and tell stories about the things that I love doing.”

This series has been incredibly inspiring to not only myself, but certainly to many others both in & out of the action sports photography field. It is certainly a well timed finale as winter is upon us and I’m itching to get out and ski.

Salomon Freeski TV S4-E02 Jib Roadtrip from Switchback Entertainment on Vimeo.

Also, on an update to my previous post, the “Jib Roadtrip” episode of Salomon Freeski TV is now available to be embedded on websites. As mentioned, I was lucky enough to catch a ride with Steve Horton and the crew last year on a journey from Sherbrooke, QC to Keystone, CO. Feel free to take a look. I had a blast. Hope you enjoy it.