Session Two 2011 at Ohio Dreams went off with more shredding, better weather, and more fun than any kid could ask for.

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Ski Campers look over the water ramps on Monday morning with Coach Brendan

Along with ski coach Brendan, Ohio Dreams junior development skier and junior counselor Freddy Brideweser was on hand to train, coach, and have fun right along with the kids.

Freddy showing his campers how it's done

After a little training session on how to ski down the M-Snow, the campers got right to learning everything from their first front and back flips to their first double corks.

A camper hitting the big ramp

12-year-old girl camper Kali learned how to front flip, back flip, and 360 this week.

Camper Jimmie Leslie was chosen as the ski featured camper of the week because of his sick moves both on skis and on a mountain bike. He worked alongside the OD media crew to film a dope edit about his week at camp.

Freddy B. right side rodeo 5

Fun was had off the ramps as well. On the rain day dodgeball was in full swing!

Many new tricks were first learned on the green OD fly bed trampoline.

Featured camper Jimmie showing us how it's done

Freddy throwing down on Tall Tee Tuesday

Jimmie shredding the dryland rail hill with style

Camper Graham shreds the box

Campers Graham and Jake are all smiles on the rail hill

There's no feeling like popping into your bindings, especially after a few months off.

The weather turned hot so the campers swamped to the pool during swim time to chill and hit the massive Ohio Dreams Slip n Fly!

Fritz and his sister Kali came all the way from Wisconsin to ski! Watch out for them on the slopes this winter because they learned a ton!

Freddy show's the bikers how good he is at their sport too

Coach Brendan teaching on the trampoline

Camper Jimmie getting in his last hits before the end of the week!

Between all the different training spots the campers agreed they had learned a ton and could not wait to come back next summer! To learn more about Ohio Dreams visit

Check out Jimmie's featured camper edit here: