Skype is the best way to stay in touch. It is like you are actually in the Saga Office when you have a skype video conference.  Since I am on the road so much, and there is no place I would rather be (while I am not skiing) would be to be at Saga Headquarters (testing and Sampling new goods, sampling coffee brews from distant lands, re-arranging the furniture, editing Durtschi Diaries the list goes on…) I use Skype to my advantage.  

       I mean look at these new toys they are playing with they are making a solid collection of rare Pez Pieces.  

Waiting patiently for a response from the Saga Office, I don’t want to be interrupting any business calls or meetings, so Sometimes I will wait for hours
Hulk Pez, Saga Artwork in the background
Very Rare Batman Pez, I have been searching for this gem for years

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