Alex “Legit” Altmann and Myself were recently down in SoCal.  We had the opportunity to swing by Venice Beach for an interesting experience and some cool photos.  On the way back we hit Vegas for a night.  Below pictorial tells the story.

We were able to snap a picture of Apollo Creed just before his physical.  Good to see he’s staying in fighting shape after all these years.
They have a whole dedicated area of concrete walls where Graffiti artists with a Permit can display their Art to the World.
Photo:Austin Skater:Random Front Boarder
The Iriest air out of a Bowl I’ve ever seen.
Looks like a Rat with Wings!
It was really nice of David to snap a quick photo, even while on duty.  Some celebs are just more down to earth than others I suppose.  On a serious note Don’t Hassle Dave this was a Saga Exclusive Photo.
All the gang is here even the Fett Man..No matter how sure I am I never bet the Fett man!  These were actually really sick, just a bunch of random stuff that this buddy guy welds together into cool stuff see Below.
Apparently the Predator was feeling a sun stroke coming on or had some major gardening to take care of as he peruses these sun hats.
Walk it out..Walk it out..Legit Hot to trot in a damn good looking SAGA Top Hat.  The next pic depics his rush….
Free Willy!  The Night Cap!

DJ David Christian repping at HAZE inside of the Aria City Center building.  Access granted by magician and long time friend DJ John Pearce.  Side note this club was outrageous if you like hot girls and mashups and your in Vegas go here.

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