Wow... where to start? play by play? long essay? rhyme? meh, here goes.

Saturday we embarqued on our trip to Vemdalen

7 hours of drivin' to get to the mountain

Listening to some Nas gettin' down

and in general acting like a clown

the time flew by, we were there in an instant

the noise and lights of stockholm are now distant.

Into the single room where we all would sleep

we all rushed to our cots for ours to keep.

Settling in, getting the outfit from the suitcase

man, it felt great to be back in a snowy mountainous place.

After supper, we all hit the hay

the snoring gets louder, rarin for the big day;

tomorrow is skiing, been waiting for it for a year

all skiing hell will break loose, that much is clear.

Sunday is the first skiing day of the week

as i go to the rental shop, the stuff they give is weak:

5 year old 1080s and 10 yeard old boots.

"Hey dudes, do you have anything better" i say to these fruits

"yeah, maybe, but what we have is for experts" they say.

I clear my throat, and let them know to their obvious dismay

that i am that expert, and that i can take whatever they got.

So they hand me some X wave boots from last year, smelling somewhat like pot

best fitting boot i have ever had i must admit.

then they hand me some scratches from last year, my are they ever fit.

So here we have it, my pro setup

the only place i can go from here is up

witht he best equipement i have had in my life

im ready to own the mountain like butter is owned by the knife.

The goal of the day is to warmup and get the feeling back

and hopefully not have my back go crack.

So i warmup, hit up the fun park that has a mignificent view

bluebird skies and rolling hills extending out into the blue.

So i try some stuff, get some 180 crutons over the beginner jumps

im psyched everything is going great, many fist pumps

happen during the day. I get some 360s over a small red kick

this day is ging etter than i could have ever hoped, nailed my trick!

So we get back to the cabin, and i discover a new skill of mine

as i masage the backs of one, two, five, nine

dudes, who all applaud my magic hands

even the girls are lining up for a massage from the magic hands.

Supper, then bed. And so it was the first day.

Monday. Yeah, so my brain hurts after trying to rhyme after a week of skiing. anyhoos, monday we were in Vemdalen again. I tried some 180s over a big jump, about 7 or 8 meters long. I failed miserably 3 times, but it got me confident to try stuff, since i didn't die. i don't ctually remember everything i did on monday... but i did some 360s again, nice and hucked ones over small jumps, and did the big jumps at the bottom. yep.

Tuesday. I believe this was the day we went to Björnrike. It had an awesome park, and i nailed a 180 over a decent sized jump and 360s over the same jump, nailed a box, and did a wallride. it had a jump line, so that was new for me. Hitting 4 jumps in a row, wow, what a concept. that day, after landing off the box, i poled myself in the face, and bit my lip pretty badly, sothat was nice and fun. i also got my first taste of skiing through the woods, something i rarely did in france. i got pretty good at it, given the ice and everything.

Wednesday. So i had a goal to do a 360 over the big jump at the top of the park in Vemdalen. But i ended up skiing by myself, so i didn't feel like doing enything stupid like that. Hypocritically, i tried to do 540s that day. and whadyah know? I LANDED A 540!!!!!!!! yeah baby!!!!!!!!!!!!! hucked, sure, but it's a 540 baby! i also stepped up to the red jump at the bottom of the park, which was a good 15 meters long and sent you a nice 4 meters in the air. Cruton straight airs anyone? oh yeah.

Thursday. POWDER DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there was like, 30 cm of fresh pow pow to shred. i taught myself how to skit he trees, and man did i get good at it. fast skiing through virgin pow in between trees = proof that there is a God. i went to the park a bit, just because it was soft landings, but most of the day was spent in the trees. it was also this really awesome girl's birthday, so that was sweetness incarnate.

Friday. POWDER DAY!!!!!!!!! this time, there was a meter of fresh pow. My poor little scratches couldn't handle it however, which was sad enough. BUT: i landed a 360 over the big jump. and not hucked mind you, no. this was a smooth, tucked, slow rotating 360. best feeling in the world right there. a friend of mine named patrik took me thorugh the forest which then led us to the top of the park. without speed checking, i went fromt he trees and a meter of pow directly into the big jump and threw a smooth 360. THAT was the higlight of my week. i can now throw 360s pretty much anywehere excpet of the HUGE jumps. But im getting there man, im getting there!

Basically, this week was like, the best week in terms of skiing that i've ever had.