So I bet you are all sick of skiing related posts... so here is a sweet post about not skiing and going to Aspen for the video awards and Vegas for the trade show..    I drove out to Aspen with Jonny Decesare and Cody Carter to catch the Powder video awards which I had a few nominations in for Best P.O.V. and  Best Powder.  The night was awesome like the powder awards always are, and Reasons took down MOVIE OF THE YEAR which I was extremely proud about!            I ended up losing my wallet in the same night, and I had to be in Vegas the next day.... so I had my friend Creighton bring my passport to Vegas and join in the festivities for my BIRTHDAY on the 26th.  So 3 days of Vegas was enough, enough partying for the entire year in 3 days, time to get to the snow and do some work.  I headed off to Utah to get the POW that was finally hitting hard.