Yo niggas, if you ain’t at hood you missin out! Shits gettin Ignanat out here! Todays antics were on a hole new level. The PBP Jump was bein murdered by 4bi9, some PROS, and espically them 2bi4 niggas.  Dub flips were the name of the the game today. Switch, left, and right you name it. Mr. Durtschi took a kang flip about 100 ft going to the bottom,  dat shit was the  Fire. I sacked up  and was trying some dub flat 3’s. Da shit going down today was the Optical Fire! But to really understand they Opticial Fire you had to be there! Plus we had the likes of TJ Schiller who through down some of da nastiest dub cork 12’s i’ve eva seen. Plus the real entertainment today came from the man without any plan Mr. Dumont. Even though he was there he defiantly does not understand the Opticial Fire, because while everyone else was out there having fun, he was having one of his little Pisssy Fits throwing his skis and poles everywhere, because he couldn’t commit on a dub cork.  Better luck next time! Hope everyones having a good summer and keepin it real. If you get a chance you should try and coem out to hood, because shits going off!


My first straight air of the day, I went Ignantly big and landed on my feet though, scary but good to get that first hit in and start droppin hammers immediately 

The Chairlift is the easiest way to hot lap the big kicker

Rails are tight, nuthin’ like dubs tho
That mutha creighton and My coach Durtschi doing some racer shit
Yeah this my first dub, so floaty on tha pbp kicker
just a 360 
Durtschi going so damn big, this one was to the bottom, so crazy mofo
Creighton doing more Myspace photos
Durtschi doing opposite of dubs, a zero spin
Durtschi doing some photoshootn’ all good but aint tech like dubs is
Durtschi doin Rodeo 720 over all the lil campers, so hyphy optical fire


Until next season keep it real homies, and alwaze keep da pimp hand strong, I’m out