Mid Season success!

A quickupdate to keep you updated. The last few weeks have been on queue with midseason filming. It snowed a bunch in Tahoe a few weeks ago so we mobbed out from Utah andshot there for a week. We basically posted up in South Lake at the SAGA worldheadquarters and built jumps in the backcountry. Kyler Cooley and Dylan Nataledid what they do best, a bunch of straight airs, and we called it a trip.

We then headed quickly back to Utah to meet up with a few Canadians, IanCosco and Mike Mertion. They, greeted us with some Labatt Blue’s eh! Althoughthe wind whipped the freshly fallen snow crystals we decided to build a fewjumps for the promising forecast. If anyone gets the chance to build a jumpwith Ian Cosco, observe his ability to work while sitting on his butt the wholetime.

The next day brought an emo kids nightmare, sunshine. With the jumpready Kyler and Dylan headed up to give er a go. Mertion on top of the runwayquickly realized that his bowels weren’t ready so he quickly skied down,grabbed Cosco’s shirt and dispensed his waste. Once Cosco and Mertion relievedthemselves, must of been to much poutine, The session was on.

With eachacrobatic maneuver, and promising cheers from below, it seemed as though ourday was going well. Mertion, for a park rat knows what he’s doing in thebackcountry. As he landed his tricks eh’s were being shouted by the Canadiancontingency. Team America, fueled by the finest McDonald’s also had greatsuccess in their aerial attempts. At the end of the day two features wereshared by the international alliance formed that day in the backcountry. In theupcoming weeks this group known now as the G9 will meet in various differentworld regions.