Good website for Bookmarks. Once you register and make a "webmix" you can easily access it anywhere.

File Destructor 2.0

If you're in a jam and can't get your project done The file destructor is very helpful at helping you blame your problems on technology.

Print Friendly

If you hate printing long pages with tons of ads use print friendly and you can print only what you want to print.


We all know Craigslist but that is usually very localised and you can't really search a Big area. With Craiglook you can view Craigslist entries up to 250 miles from your location making it easier to look for your new car or anything else you are looking for.

Public Proxy

If you need a Proxy it is probably on here cause there is 10 pages of them. Timer

If you need to keep track on how long you are doing something or how long you need to be on the Computer Timer is simple and it works.

Drop Send

Email Large Files. Simple

If you have a Crossword, Scrambled Word, or you need a Rhyme this is really helpful.


Dirpy converts Youtube Videos to Sound but also lets you edit what you want the title to be as well as the artost, album, start/stop times in the video.


Reverse image search. Upload or link to an image, it'll search the web and show you where it appears.

Thesis Generator

You need a thesis? This will help you make it.

Find Sounds

Tons of Sound effects from a llama to anything else you can think of.

Firefox Cheat Sheet

Don't know a Firefox shortcut, it's not bad to cheat

And not really a Website but a Useful Tutorial of how to delete your Facebook.

List of Alt Codes

If you are too lazy, don't know, or just want to copy pasta here is a list of alt codes.

How to Clean Anything

For all you clean freaks and slobs

Metronome Online

For you music pleople that want to play on beat but don't got a metronome.

Lyrics Fly

You need lyrics, you got lyrics.


A site that will make everything easier to convert from Temperature to Pressure


Pretty Much it's like your own personal corkboard, that you can put sticky notes on. When you register you can access you stickies from anywhere.

Facebook Symbols

Like alts codes only a lot more choices. Just copy pasta the one you want and you're golden.

Google Earth Building Maker

I made a thread about this earlier but it this awesome feature of Google earth doesn't seem to be widely known. You can MAKE your OWN 3D BUILDINGS!

NS Thread-

Website Link-

Get Human

Sick of talking to machines, Get Human has numbers so you can talk to actual people

Word Champ

You might know about this already but if you a learning/studying a foreign language Word Champ is a must for studying. Flashcards, Word Games, it is amazing how much Word Champ can do.


Image Editor, Vector Editor, Color Editor, Sound Editor. Aviary does so much right from the internet. Plus it is free.

Picture Resize

Kinda Self Explanatory, great for making quick icons.

Try Phone

Great for testing out some phones before you by them. It is still in it's beta but looks really promising. No Droids but there is the iPhone and some others.

Conversion Table

Extremely helpful with conversions.


This is nice if you don't want to sign up for anything but need to get a file to someone. Just upload your file, set how long you want the file to remain "active" and then give the download link to your friend. In a set amount of time the file will expire thus you don't have to worry about it.

HTML Code Quicklist

This list has a lot of HTML code that can be useful on the Internet. If you have the time, go get learned.


This Image generator makes it easy to make your own "O RLY?" and "can i has a cheeseburger" pictures. Just upload your picture, pick a font, and there you go.There is also a link to a Motivational Poster Generator on this website if that floats your boat.


Motivational Poster Generator-

Flip my Text

One of the easiest ways to change what you say. Make it upside down, reverse and a bunch of other stuff.

Convert Center

Convert Center is so helpful with little unit equations you don't know of. It is also great for the big stuff as well. Since it is like every other converter on steroids this is a "I will use this often" site


A very nice website for the Student to find stuff. And by clicking more stuff you have some more features like awesome citation creators(Mainly why this is really nice)

A really cool way to look at and organise your news.


Really nice for musicians. Has a Guitar Tuner, Drumbot, Metronome, and more. Plus you can run them off the site or by downloading them for offline use.

Still tasty

A site to help you figure out how long your food will keep and the best ways to store it.

Cornell Method PDF Generator

Generates Cornell set-up pages that you can print off. Plus you can make it your own by adding a name or other things. No more whacked up line that isn't the right distance on your cornell notes.


Your lists, Everywhere


For you online calendar needs. Also lets you Subscribe, Import and Export through iCal


Helpful with Color themes. You can take pictures and create themes from colors within the picture.

280 Slides

"Create beautiful presentations, access them from anywhere, and share them with the world. With 280 Slides, there's no software to download and nothing to pay for and when you're done building your presentation you can share it any way you like."


Help save your ideas by writing them down.


A way to help save and organize stuff you find, kind of like Evernote.(but has a Firefox Extension that you can use to drag drop stuff you want to remember)


"Scrapblog is the easiest and most fun way to share and print your photos. With Scrapblog, you can create beautiful and completely one-of-a-kind layouts, share them online with your friends and family, and even print high-quality photobooks, greeting cards or postcards."


Zoho is amazing. It has many things within it like an Office Suite, Email hosting, Orgainizer, and much more. Worth a check out.

Remember the Milk

Remember the Milk is really helpful at organizing what you need to do. Sync with your iPhone or just use it online. It is very easy to use and necessary so you don't forget the milk.

Easy Bib

Great for Bibliographies.

Graphing Calculator

Useful to have a graphing calc online

Awesome Highlighter

Highlight any website and add notes, save the page and then you can read just what you highlighted and send the highlighted page to anybody, or view it for yourself.

College Ruled

Make your schedule for your classes at school.

Paper Rater

Nice for checking your paper with:

Plagiarism detection

Spelling and grammar check

Style and word choice analysis

Readability stats

Retail Me Not

any online store discount codes


this one's good for high schoolers, it has answers to homework questions in a ton of different math books.


unzip all those mixtpes you download, free online

System Requirements Lab

Basically you search up a game or program and the website will tell you if your computer can run it.


Basically just loops a 30 minute track of rain/thunder. If your like me and live somewhere that it never rains, it can be pretty relaxing.


Those other Craigslist ones are nice if you want to stay kind of local, but this one does all listings.


Enter the link to a video with a song you like and it takes the audio and converts it to an MP3 for you. It's free!

Cool Site to Doodle and then send to your friends.

Morse Code Translator

Kind of cool and stupid at the same time.

Periodic Table of the Elements

One of the best, helpful Periodic Tables I have seen.

Hype Machine

Hype Machine takes every song that is ever blogged and puts it in one place and then everyone votes on them. then it makes the "popular" list which is the top rated songs blogged in the last three days. basically you get all of the best songs in the world as they come out. unfortunately lil wayne and drake tend to infiltrate the list but just ignore them. Also the radest mashups always make it on there, like hathbanger, hood internet and the like. and you can use it to search for songs, then download them.


Really not sure how "Unknown" it is but this is like Pandora mixed with Grooveshark lets you search for music you want to hear, make a quicklist/playlist, and lets you like songs so you can view them later. You don't have to register to listen to Music so it is nice when you just want to look up a song or just make a quick playlist to listen too.

Awesome, you can write papers when your computer doesn't have word on it. And it saves to a web-based server so you can get at it anywhere you have internet. Highly useful.

Sites with a bunch of games that might not be blocked by your school computers

Ya there is a directory of a Bunch of good flash games on these sites, from Fancy Pants to Helicopter.

*it is not guaranteed to not be blocked on your school computer*